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How Our Computational Drug Discovery Services or CADD Consultancy Can Help You?

DrOmics Lab is proud to announce its insilico drug discovery services or CADD services or Computer Aided drug discovery services  for academia and industry across India and globally. Our COMPUTATIONAL DRUG DISCOVERY SERVICES and CONSULTANCY CAN BOOST YOUR COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY AND MEDICINAL REASEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

 The Computational drug discovery services or CADD services involves all the stages of the pre-clinical drug discovery utilizing wide array of technology like- Target identification Service , HIT discovery Service , Lead Optimization Service , Drug Repurposing Service etc. We use techniques like high throughput screening, molecular modelling, analogue designing, structural biology, molecular docking and computational chemistry to identify the binding affinity of the compound and about the appropriate target. We have our expertise in major therapeutic areas like cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, infections and inflammation to say the least.

Key Areas Of Computational Drug Discovery Services or CADD Services

Protein Modelling Services

We offer top-notch custom protein tertiary structure modeling services tailored to your specific amino acid sequences. Our approach combines modeling with short-term simulations under controlled conditions to ensure the reliability of the generated structures for further research. Our protein modeling services encompass a wide array of highly recommended techniques, including homology modeling, ab-initio modeling, and threading. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize and execute modeling projects according to our clients' unique requirements.

Molecular Dynamics Simulation​

Molecular dynamics (MD) has evolved significantly since its late 1970s inception, advancing from small-scale atom simulations to modeling biologically relevant systems, including proteins in various contexts. At DrOmics Labs, our Molecular Simulation & Dynamic Studies offer cost-effective, safe, and versatile alternatives to real experiments. We specialize in allosteric regulation, docking, and structure refinement, employing cutting-edge software and high-performance computing. Our services can handle systems with up to 500,000 atoms, making MD a potent tool for understanding macromolecular structure-function relationships, shifting the focus from single structures to conformational ensembles in structural bioinformatics.

Our Expertise

How Computational Drug Discovery Services Can Assist In Your R&D Projects ?

01. You have existing / novel compounds

See how is it biding to its target protein
Enhance adequacy of your present molecule for its target
Construct alternate scaffold(s) around your initial found compound for novelty and patentability
Discover new targets that could be locked in by your compound

02. You have a new target X and want to identify compounds that interact with target X

Look for early hit molecules of Target X
Disentangle potential binding locales

Latest Case Studies

DrOmics Labs empowers researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and institutions to extract meaningful information from big data, catalyzing breakthroughs in drug discovery, personalized medicine, and more. Trust us to navigate the intricate realm of bioinformatics and steer your research towards new dimensions of understanding and progress.

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