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Over the course of the subsequent decade, remarkable headway has been achieved in terms of amplifying speed, elongating read lengths, and honing high-throughput techniques. This collective progress has had the profound effect of democratizing NGS, fostering the origination of numerous inventive applications in both foundational scientific research and impactful translational domains such as mapping, annotation, and comparative genomics analysis.

These cutting-edge technologies have effectively accelerated the tempo of DNA and RNA sequencing, while substantially mitigating the temporal investment and financial expenses, in stark contrast to the traditional Sanger sequencing approach. As a result, they have inaugurated a revolutionary epoch for investigating genomics and molecular biology.

Key Areas Of Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Services

Genome Annotation

DrOmics Labs’ genome annotation services offer a comprehensive approach to genomic data analysis, encompassing mapping, annotation, and comparative genome analysis of distinct strains within the same species. These services provide invaluable insights into the underlying mechanisms. Furthermore, we excel in de novo assembly of genomic data and offer de novo-based RNA-Sequence Analysis.

RNA Seq Data Analysis

At DrOmics Labs, we understand the fundamental relationship between genes and proteins, where genes encode proteins that ultimately govern cellular functions. In any given cell, the specific set of genes that are actively expressed defines the capabilities of that cell. Furthermore, the intricate flow of genetic information, from DNA to RNA to protein, offers multiple points of control for the cell to autonomously regulate its functions by adjusting the quantity and types of proteins it produces.

Phylogenetic Analysis

DrOmics Labs specializes in phylogenetic data analysis services, offering both computer simulations and empirical data analysis methods. Our services encompass widely-used analytical techniques like neighbor joining, minimum evolution, likelihood, and parsimony methods. These methods yield robust phylogenetic trees when ample nucleotide or amino acid sequences are available.

Comparative Genome Analysis

Our Comparative Genome Analysis services are invaluable, shedding light on evolutionary mechanisms and enhancing our understanding of the human genome. In comparative genomics, conserved sequences across various species often signify biological functions, but our services reveal that not all functional DNA sequences are conserved, especially in novel lineage-specific changes.

Bioinformatics for Proteins

We are specialized in analyzing DNA-Protein interactions, a crucial aspect of biological systems that underlie numerous biological processes. We leverage advanced techniques like ChIP-Seq to provide insights into these interactions. Our services go beyond predicting DNA-binding sites from sequences and include building homology-based models for novel proteins and exploring genome-wide interactions between transcription factors (TFs) and their target DNAs.

Metagenomic Data Analysis

Our Metagenomics Data Analysis services focus on studying the microbiome, allowing us to analyze elusive and uncultivable microbial populations with crucial roles in their environments. We excel at extracting individual draft genomes (bins) for precise metagenomic data analysis. Recognizing the complexity of current analysis tools and their accessibility challenges, we’ve developed modular pipelines that simplify the process.

Our Expertise

How DrOmics’s Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Can Assist In Your R&D Projects ?

01. You have done gene sequencing

• Annotate gene
• Detect variation in bases/variation in gene
• Translate gene into protein sequence
• Comparative analysis of target gene with similar gene
• Phylogentic analysis of different species

02. If you have a gene sample

• Identify functional m RNA in the gene sample
• Understand gene expression
• Find how much it is expressed
• Differential expression study

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