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Reveal the Secrets of Your Health with DNA Testing

Dr. Omics Labs provides a cost-effective method for using DNA testing to learn more about your health. DNA analysis also makes it possible to identify potential health risks early, giving you the ability to take proactive measures to address them before they become major issues.



Affordable global DNA testing. Detect risks early, proactive measures, quick reports. Genomics-based testing empowers health control with personalized profiles for nutrition, fitness, and healthcare.

DNA Testing

We offer DNA testing for various medical conditions like heart disease, drug resistance, Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and wellness assessments.

Detect Risk Early

Discover peace of mind with our DNA testing services. Detect health risks early, enabling you to take control of your well-being.

Why Choose Us

As the #1 DNA testing services provider in India, we offer comprehensive genetic insights, disease risk analysis, and free genetic counseling for your complete understanding.

Adherence to data privacy policy

Free genetic counseling

Accurate and fastest results

Comprehensive and personalized report

Secure transaction

Know About You

Don't guess about your health anymore.

Decode the information encrypted in your genes with our DNA testing services.

Your DNA holds vital information about your health, including your predisposition to genetic disorders, nutritional requirements, metabolic potential, drug response, immunity, and ancestral linkages.

Our genomics-based testing empowers you to take control of your health and improve the quality of your life with personalized nutritional profiling, fitness regimes, and healthcare recommendations based on your genetic profile.



Good Experience

Very good service, On committed time person came my home for sample collection. I received report on time. I am living a review on my own wish, Which is helpful for others. I cannot compromise on my health & regarding quality and reliability.

Rajiv Shukla

Nice Experience

I initially doubted about getting the DNA based test done, but with the way, the DrOmics team handled everything from sample collection to delivering reports in time; I was assured about service. Getting a DNA based “check my health” test done at home was a good experience for me, would definitely recommend

Trupti Menon

Nice Work

My granny had a multi-site cancer history & I was worried for my mother regarding the same. I came to know about DrOmics Labs expertized in preventive tests & diagnosis; so I had this Oncomics DNA based test done of her, it was awesome to find my mother safe as they provide a report across all the types of Cancer possibilities in a single test done.

Krishna Murthy


Yes. We ship our DNA test kits to almost every city. Just select your city during checkout.

Your sample goes through a series of steps in the lab:

  • First we de-identify your personal information and register securely in our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
  • Second ,our lab team extracts DNA from the sample and conducts quality analysis.
  • The DNA is then converted into genetic code, which our Bioinformatics team analyzes
  • By comparing your data to our gold-standard database, we identify important information about your health, fitness, ancestry and more
  • Finally, our Report

The DNA report will be emailed to you in 2-3 weeks. We will keep you posted on the progress.

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