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GeneOmics Core Course

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Module I: DNASeq (variant calling), Annotation

1. Introduction and installation of tools
2. Data Retrieval & Quality Check of reads
3. Mapping of reads using reference Genome
4. Understanding Mapping Output
5. Variant detection
6. Visualization of variation
7. Annotation and variant effect prediction
8. Determining effect of coding non-synonymous mutation on protein function ability

Module II: Microarray

1.  Illumina GSA
2. Understanding Microarray & its techniques
3. Chip designing in Microarray
4. Using R for Microarray Data Analysis
5. Quality control & Normalization
6. Differential Expressional Studies (Up-Regulated & DownRegulated)
7. Gene Ontology Pathway & Enrichment Analysis
8. Pathway Network analysis (stringDB(PPI) & Cytoscape)
9. Pathway Network Analysis (KEGG Mapper tool for DEG genes)
10. Learn Different plots (Heatmap, volcano plot etc) using R

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