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Pharmacogenomics : Industrial Bioinformatics Long-term Core Course (6 months)

About Course

About Course:-

Module 1. Introduction to Pharmacogenomics
Module 2. Fundamentals of Bioinformatics
Module 3. Part 1 : Databases
Part 2 : Basics of Linux O.S
Module 4. Python for Pharmacogenomics
Module 5. R for Data Analysis
Module 6. Introduction to GWAS
Module 7. Pharmacogenomic Applications in Drug Discovery
Module 8. Pharmacogenomics in Cancer Treatment
Module 9. Variant Calling Analysis using GATK
Module 10. Part 1 : Clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics
Part 2 : Introduction to Regulatory Guidelines
Module 11.  Research Project in Computational Pharmacogenomics


1. Expert-Guided Skill Development:

Immerse yourself in expert-led workshops and training sessions, refining your skills under the guidance of industry leaders in the field of pharmacogenomics.

2. Cutting-Edge Tools for Practical Learning:

Gain hands-on experience with the latest bioinformatics tools, ensuring you are well-equipped to handle real-world challenges in the dynamic field of pharmacogenomics.

3. Strategic Networking for Career Growth:

Seize networking opportunities that go beyond the classroom, connecting with professionals and peers to broaden your horizons and open doors to future career possibilities.

4. Certification for Career Advancement:

Elevate your professional profile with a recognized certificate upon successfully completing the internship, signaling your readiness to contribute effectively to the evolving landscape of pharmacogenomics.

5. Career Counseling:

Chart your course with expert guidance for a rewarding career in Pharmacogenomics.

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