DrOmics Labs

“R” for every Biologist

About Course

Module 1: Basics of R-programming

  • Getting Ready with R -introduction and installation
  • Data Types, Variables, and Basic R Operations
  • Algebraic and Logical Operations in R
  • Function-buit-in and User defined
  • Conditional statements
  • Package installation from CRAN repository and Bioconductor
  • Data manipulation with dplyr for biological datasets
  • Importing and handling biological data formats
  • Data Wrangling and Cleaning

Module 2: Biological Data Analysis

  • Working with Sequence using Bioconductor
  • Sequence Analysis with seqinr and biostring
  • Sequence Statistical
  • Handling Sequence Database
  • Sequence Alignment

Module 3: Plots and Statistical Tests

  • Statistical Test-t-test ,z-test and ANOVA
  • Visualization using ggplot2
  • Heatmap and Volcano plot
  • Network analysis and visualization
  • Phylogenetic tree structure
  • Machine learning applications in genomics
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