DrOmics Labs

NGS Research Immersion 6 Months Journey

About Course

Module 1. Beginners to Advanced Bioinformatics & NGS
Module 2. Linux, & Cloud Computing
Module 3. Python and its Application in NGS Data Analysis Techniques
Module 4. R and Introduction to Bioconductor
Module 5. RNA Sequencing (Reference and DeNovo Based)
Module 6. DNA Sequencing (Variant calling), Annotation
Module 7. Targeted Metagenomics Data analysis
Module 8. Module Research Project based on NGS (1 month)
Module 9. Microarray Illumina GSA
Module 10. HR Session
Module 11. Research Project on NGS with Research Paper Publication Guidance

Note :-

  • Global Accessibility: Learn from anywhere in the world.
  • Research-Oriented Curriculum: Taught by leading experts.
  • Unravel the Genome: Master DNA sequencing techniques and data analysis.
  • Certification: Receive a prestigious certificate upon completion.
  • Career Advancement: Open new job opportunities in genetics, biotechnology, and healthcare.
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