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Unveiling Mysteries: The Basics of Single-cell Data Analysis

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Title: Unveiling Mysteries: The Basics of Single-cell Data Analysis
🧬Date: March 17, 2024
📅Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM IST
⏰Workshop Overview
Join us for an insightful exploration into the fascinating realm of single-cell analysis in biology.
1. Introduction to Single-cell Analysis
– Defining single-cell analysis and its significance in modern biology.
– Exploring the evolution of single-cell technologies.
2. Techniques and Technologies
– Overview of commonly used single-cell analysis techniques.
– High-throughput methods for single-cell profiling.
3. Applications in Biological Research
– Understanding the impact of single-cell analysis in diverse biological studies.
– Case studies showcasing successful applications.
4. Data Handling and Analysis
– Introduction to computational methods for processing single-cell data.
– Hands-on demonstration using relevant software tools.
5. Challenges and Future Directions
– Discussing current challenges in single-cell analysis.
– Exploring the potential future developments and advancements.

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