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As per WHO-

  • Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally.
  • It is important to detect cardiovascular disease as early as possible so that management with counselling and medicines can begin.
  • The key to cardiovascular disease reduction lies in the inclusion of cardiovascular disease management interventions in universal health coverage packages, although in a high number of countries health systems require significant investment and reorientation to effectively manage CVDs.
  • Evidence from 18 countries has shown that hypertension programmes can be implemented efficiently and cost-effectively at the primary care level which will ultimately result in reduced coronary heart disease and stroke. Patients with cardiovascular disease should have access to appropriate technology and medication.
  • Thus, it is been the necessity of today to take the diagnosis-treatment-cure for our well-being

Want Consultation regarding CVD?

Contact us & we will provide you online consultation from our experts; You can get diagnostic suggestions & related services from DrOmics Labs.

How will DrOmics Help you?

  • Regularity in Detection & Diagnosis of Heart disorders will reduce the chances of uninvited cardiac illness or cardiac death.
  • Helps to eliminate the occurrence of sudden serious cardiac events & gives you time to perform preventive activities in prior.
  • Timely screening can help the family members to take precautionary actions incase of family history in cardiac related illnesses.
  • DrOmics Labs will help you live the Healthy Lifestyle & maintain overall health.

How will it work?

  • Get Home Sample Collection Kit
  • Collection & Delivery of Sample to Lab
  • Lab processing-DNA extraction
  • Data Analysis via experts
  • Report Generation