DrOmics Labs


  • In this modern age, along with adapting new technologies & lifestyles, our bodies are lacking to adapt these changes in environment.
  • Leading to sensibility towards various risk associated diseases.
  • Leaving behind the healthy lifestyles naturally, we have reached to the path in need of different supplements to intake, fulfilling healthy body needs.
  • Modern age leading to early aging & unfortunate reduction in lifespan, due to these unfavourable changes in lifestyle making huge impact on our lives.

Why Overall Health Guide?

  • Understanding layout for your DNA.
  • Screening of variations for seeking probability of occurrence of serious condition in future.
  • Overall genomics-based health checkup relating to your-
  • Neurological health,
  • Stress management,
  • Cardiac health,
  • Respiratory conditions,
  • Nutritional Dietetics,
  • Detection of unnecessary foreign bodies,
  • Cancer formation,
  • Diabetes,
  • Allergic responses,
  • Drug responses, &
  • Immunological fighting responses.

How will DrOmics help you?

Seeking to preventive measures associating with risk factors- various illnesses or diseases such as CVDs, Diabetes, Alzheimer, TB, etc.

How will it work?