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  • Modern Lifestyle has majorly been impacting Human Lives & Type-2 Diabetes is now become a common lifestyle disorder.
  • Intake on Unhealthy food & unfit human activities is leading cause of this disease.
  • The disease is also engulfing the kids along with the youngsters & adults.

Are you moving towards Obesity? Get your Diabetes test done now!

DrOmics Labs is providing you Online live consultation & lifestyle guidance for your health condition.

Outcomes of Diabetomics by DrOmics Labs-

  • Timely testing of Diabetes will keep your sugar levels in check.
  • In case of family history, taking precautionary treatment & immediate action in early stages of diabetes.
  • Diagnosis can prevent from serious conditions such as weakening of eyesight, etc
  • Building healthy lives by following Diagnosis-Treatment-Cure.

How will DrOmics Help you?

A group of genomics professionals are working hard to find the reasons behind why the pancreas is lacking to produce insulin, simultaneously, our team of expert technicians are working for diagnosing your health condition preventing you from getting into serious uncurable life-long disease.


How will it work?