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DRUG RESISTANCE – Pharmacogenomics

Once for all:  need to take once in your lifetime.

Personalized Medication: Tailors treatment based on your DNA, increasing drug effectiveness.

Avoids Ineffective Drugs: Helps prevent the use of medications that won’t work for you.

Prevents Resistance: Adjusts treatments to avoid drug resistance development.

Safer Medication: Minimizes adverse reactions and side effects.

Cost-Effective: Reduces healthcare costs and saves time by optimizing treatment choices



As per the recent studies,
  • Drug resistance is the reduction in effectiveness of a medication to cure a disease or condition.
  • Today, antibiotic-resistance is rising due to dangerously high levels worldwide and threatening our ability to treat even common infectious diseases.
  • Therefore, understanding the diverse molecular mechanisms underlying resistance to antibiotics and other therapeutic drugs will aid in the development of new drugs to combat rising drug resistance.
  • Compacting rising drug resistance is a race against time. Bioinformatics provides the avenue in time and cost-effectiveness to screen potential compounds.
  • Drug resistance is a common and serious problem in the treatment of various diseases.
(Encyclopedia of Genetics, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, In-silico Drug Design & Pharmacology) How can DrOmics help you?
  • Diagnosis against 10 different drugs.
  • Single test report will reveal your body resistance to various drugs.
  • Help understand the body response towards drugs.
  • Will maximize the drug efficacy & minimize the drug toxicity levels.
  • Trigger to new drug development.
  • Research for updated/improved therapeutic drug formulation for human well-being
How will it work?

Get Home Sample Collection Kit

Collection & Delivery of Sample to Lab

Lab processingDNA extraction

Data Analysis via experts

Report Generation


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