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Single-Cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq)

Humans, with their intricate complexity, emerge from a single cell into a harmonious system of 37 trillion cells. The genetic variations embedded in our cells hold the secrets of this incredible journey. Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) is a transformative technology that allows us to study stem cell development in human tissues. 

A key application of scRNA-seq lies in understanding the immune system’s response to diseases like COVID-19 and cancer. Attending bioinformatics workshops and webinars equip researchers to identify cell subpopulations and develop targeted therapies based on gene expression patterns.

ScRNA-seq has been instrumental in unravelling mysteries surrounding embryonic and organ development. Transcriptomics and genomics advancements provide invaluable insights into the molecular events shaping growth. Despite its potential, scRNA-seq has limitations. Advanced bioinformatics training, including machine learning and computational biology, is necessary to address noise reduction, analyse 3D structures, and integrate spatial transcriptomics.

Lineage tracing, utilising endogenous genomic variations, complements scRNA-seq. Researchers can trace human stem cell development through proteomics and computational biology approaches, opening new avenues for studying development and ageing. As we progress, scRNA-seq and lineage tracing offer unparalleled opportunities to understand human development and revolutionise life sciences. Advanced methodologies and bioinformatics tools pave the way for personalised medicine and disease treatment.

Fig 1: Overview of the analysis modules for single-cell RNA sequencing data analysis.

Fig 2: Third-Generation sequencing based single cell sequencing technologies.

Fig 3: Cell atlases of model organisms


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